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A daily word, its definition, and an example of its usage.

The word aversion has appeared in 146 New York Times articles in the past year, including on Sept. 18 in "Wi-Fi and Cellphone Service on Subway Trains? M.T.A. Leader Says It May Happen" by Matt Flegenheimer:

  • A New York City subway ride remains, for many, an exercise in gaze aversion. Maps are inspected. Advertisements are read in their entirety. A staring contest with an empty seat can prove preferable to even the briefest human interaction.
  • And now, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is churning toward a future where travelers will never again be disconnected from their cellphones while onboard.
  • At a forum on Tuesday, the authority's chairman, Thomas F. Prendergast, said that transit officials hoped to add Wi-Fi and possibly cellphone reception aboard moving trains - in what appeared to be the first public acknowledgment that the authority's ambitions for wireless service went beyond stations.


Financial Times February 28, 2014

"Politicians can improve the world but only bit by bit. Try something small, that's easily reversed. If it works, scale it up. If not, you drop it"
Simon Kuper

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