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Learning to write in English like a lawyer is perhaps the greatest challenge facing Russian-speaking lawyers. The legal faculty at Dialog supports Russian-speaking lawyers in all of their writing endeavors, helping them to develop and perfect the English language writing skills necessary to produce top-quality legal writing.

Sophisticated legal practice today requires a set of skills that go beyond mere knowledge of the relevant law. Lawyers must be able to communicate effectively to multiple audiences with different legal and cultural expectations; they must be able to write and speak in English with both precision and nuance. Dialog's Legal English Writing Programs offer a range of courses and programs designed to assist Russian lawyers and law students to improve their English written communication skills as they improve their command of the law.

Basic Legal English Writing Program

The Dialog Basic Legal English Writing Program, as supplemented by the Legal Writing Resources website, emphasizes the integration of legal analysis, writing, and research, and helps Russian-speaking lawyers to understand and consider the legal audience for whom they are writing. In writing assignments, which range from short emails and memoranda to contracts and more complex texts, students master sophisticated research skills, complex analysis, careful construction of legal arguments and the special requirements of legal prose. The intertwined research and writing tasks additionally enhance the retention of research skills and promote more effective research strategies.

Advanced Legal Writing Course

Dialog's upper-level Advanced Legal Writing course provide students with opportunities to hone further the legal writing skills taught in the first year. These courses are geared to specific subject-matter or legal writing settings and include substantial feedback to students on their written products.

Contract Drafting

This Dialog course introduces the components of contracts, a formal vocabulary for discussing them, and the skill of translating business deals to the page. Contract Drafting features writing exercises that will be done both in and outside of class. In addition, extensive peer and instructor editing will be used. While the skills taught will be basic, they will also apply to more sophisticated contracts.

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