About this course

General Information:

  • Legal English Plus is recommended for young Russian-speaking lawyers, law students and legal assistants who wish to work in a legal environment in which English is used;li>
  • Students should have an intermediate to advanced level of general English to get maximum benefit from this course;
  • This is a 25-week course (100 academic hours of tuition plus private study time);
  • The classes are held at the Dialog office or at your place of work;
  • There are a maximum of 4 students in each group:
  • This is a serious and practical course. We ask you to work hard;
  • The course includes all study materials; and
  • You will receive a certificate of attendance and personal report upon completion.

Course Outline

The course includes an intensive study of these areas:

  • Commercial legal vocabulary in context;
  • The terminology of commercial contracts;
  • Best practice in modern contract drafting in 2014;
  • Accurate modern letter-writing skills;
  • Negotiating skills;
  • Forms of business in the US., UK and Europe;
  • Company law and its vocabulary;
  • Presenting information and legal opinions;
  • Comparing styles: legalese and plain English;
  • Commercial awareness; and
  • The requirements of leading Moscow-based international law firms in 2014

Focus of the Lessons

Lessons focus upon these aspects of English language:

  • Vocabulary crash course;
  • Accurate and natural sentence structure in English;
  • Modern style and register;
  • Comparing the legal English of the UK and the USA;
  • Accurate prepositions in English;
  • Accurate collocations in English;
  • Accurate formation of questions;
  • Accurate conditional sentences;
  • Understanding modern idiom; and
  • Correcting old problems.

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