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For Russian-Speaking Lawyers, Law Students and Legal Assistants.

Taught By American and UK Lawyers.

Russian lawyers increasingly use English to handle international cases for their domestic clients and to communicate with lawyers and clients from other countries. Whatever the situation, they will often need to use English.

Dialog offers entirely separate courses for experienced lawyers and for lawyers who are just starting their careers.

Master Classes

We will be offering numerous one and two days seminars and Master Classes in July with our Visiting American lawyer faculty members. Schedules will be posted in April.

Small Groups

We offer training is small groups of 3-4 students in our School or at your office.

Private Instruction

We offer on going training for individuals at your office or at our School. The duration and frequency is your choice.

Whichever you choose, we provide specialized legal language training practiced in genuine legal situations. Professional people need different skills from those needed by general language learners. We have the trainers and the courses to make sure that you get them. Dialog's English for Lawyers courses provide tailor-made Legal English courses to meet your individual requirements. We have excellent achievement rates, provide comprehensive support to our students, and supply course materials of the highest quality. All our Legal English teachers are qualified lawyers and EFL teachers.

After a Dialog English for Lawyers course you will:

  • Communicate more effectively and confidently in legal situations;
  • Use specialized legal vocabulary more effectively;
  • Participate in meetings and give presentations with greater confidence;
  • Improve your negotiation skills;
  • If you are an experienced lawyer: handle your workload more effectively; and
  • If you are just starting your legal career: give yourself the skills you need to get a good job.


Whether you want to learn Legal English in order to:

  • Have the upper hand in your negotiations, meetings and general dealings with other English-speaking lawyers in the EU;
  • Prepare yourself for your new career in the law;
  • Compete in a competitive marketplace for new English speaking clients;
  • Improve the way you communicate with existing English speaking clients;
  • Make yourself a more attractive prospective employee to law firms in the UK or the US;
  • Improve your English in a context relevant to your professional life;
    • Discover more about the English Legal System and how it works;
    • Networking opportunities; and
    • Assistance with writing for English-speaking law firms


Dialog's English For Lawyers courses differ from others on the Russian market. We are qualified English language teachers; we are also real American and UK qualified lawyers.
We offer:

Years of real-life knowledge and experience to support the textbooks and class work;

  • Training for the Cambridge International Legal English Certificate;
  • Role plays based on actual experiences in a real English law firm environment
  • Work with real precedent contracts in English;
  • Q&As with lawyers currently practicing in the UK and US.

Focus of the Classes:

Classes focus, for example, upon these aspects of Legal English:

  • The English that lawyers need in a modern legal office
  • Essential Study Skills for the legal English classroom;
  • A focus on accuracy in English instead of fluency;
  • An introduction to the English legal system;
  • Understanding the vocabulary of business law;
  • Understanding the vocabulary of contracts;
  • Understanding the vocabulary of employment law;
  • Looking at register of written language and how to speak in "plain English";
  • Understanding and teaching the skill of commercial awareness;
  • Encouraging learner independence among law graduates; and
  • How to do well in the TOLES exams.

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