All Dialog/ELC, all corporate clients and students have access to the following language learning programs, services and activities at no additional cost:

  • Proprietary English and Russian language e-learning platforms developed, maintained and updated regularly by Dialog-- online English and Russian learning websites containing a wide array of interactive, practical and useful English and Russian grammar study and review materials, vocabulary building resources, videos and podcasts. The websites are a wealth of online Russian and English learning materials that all students can access on their own time;

  • Periodic student testing, proficiency evaluations and assessments;

  • Structured English Conversation Clubs led by native-speaking instructors;

  • Structured English Writing Clubs led by native-speaking instructors;

  • Free Online Writing Programs. All English and Russian students are provided the opportunity to increase their writing skills through online writing assignments assigned to complement classroom instruction. All English writing assignments are reviewed and edited by native English speakers and returned to the student for in-class review and discussion;

  • Live Instructor Help Desk. 24/7 E-mail and telephone English and Russian language help lines for answers to language questions arising in the workplace, including assistance in editing students' emails and short memoranda;

  • Master classes and seminars focusing on English business communication skills; we provide free Master Classes for students on a variety of English language subjects including Negotiation Skills, Effective Business Writing, Meeting Skills and Advanced Conversation Skills; and

  • English language movie nights and other opportunities for informal English language conversational practice at The Standard Bar and Grill, Starbucks and other locations throughout Moscow and at Dialog's main office.
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