Dialog structures and delivers specialized Russian programs in a group or individual format and through intensive Russian or General Russian language programs.

Intensive and Immersion Courses can be extremely effective and are often cited as being the best way to learn the language as long as they are aimed at the right people. Dialog offers intensive immersion courses from a week to two months at any time of the year. These courses provide candidates with the most concentrated form of language training, and as such are ideal for those seconded to a new location, or with an immediate requirement to improve their language skills.

Intensive Programs

Our experienced Russian teachers will inspire, encourage and guide you to communicate with confidence and ensure that your intensive Russian course is enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding.

We offer:

  • Total Russian Immersion
  • Executive Courses
  • Individual and Tailor-Made Courses.

We have a well-earned reputation for offering effective Russian intensive and survival language training--courses that enable you to master basic Russian in a relatively short period of time.

Survival Programs

Dialog's Russian Survival Programs are designed for those international students who are complete beginners and wish to study for a short period of time and learn enough practical language to be able to communicate effectively in simple situations when in Russia. In all Survival Classes, we emphasize providing useful, relevant language, using up-to-date and interesting materials. Students are encouraged to practice their Russian language skills in class through a range of activities to help build confidence and develop fluency.

  • A fast full immersion program, classes are held individually or in a small group;
  • Ideal for complete beginners who have recently arrived in Moscow;
  • Emphasis on communicative skills in day-to-day situations; and
  • Useful and practical language for traveling and socializing.
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