Dialog's Russian for Energy Professionals provides specialized Russian language training to help international managers and energy professionals turn challenges into opportunities in key areas. The need for Russian language instruction for professionals in the Russian energy industry has never been as timely as the industry has increased in its commercial power and size, with many Russian companies growing to become powerful multi-national organizations.

We structure and deliver these specialized Russian programs in a group or individual basis and through intensive Russian or general Russian language programs.

Western energy professionals have taken several different forms of Dialog Russian language training, based upon their varying needs: on an individual or small group basis, the training relates to specific projects and interest. Whatever your role in the Russian energy industry, the ability to communicate with your clients and colleagues in Russian is critical to developing and maintaining a successful working relationship.

Russian for Energy Professionals is a course for individuals in the energy industry. It is aimed at intermediate and advanced level students who have a basic grasp of Russian but who need to use technical and semi-technical vocabulary within specific functional language applicable to the workplace. It provides listening, speaking, reading, writing and language practice activities. There is a review lesson and self-assessment grid at the end of each unit and a more in-depth revision and consolidation section after every three units. The course focuses on high-frequency vocabulary and sentence structures used in the energy industry such as the language of safety, description of equipment, processes and systems. Relevant technical and semi-technical lexical areas are introduced and practiced in every unit using varied and progressively more challenging tasks. Grammatical areas are covered according to usefulness, rather than following a traditional grammar-based syllabus; areas such as the passive form, imperatives, and modals of advice and obligation are therefore given particular emphasis.

We have successfully provided numerous specialized Russian language programs for international energy professionals working in Moscow.

This course also develops language skills in highly specific energy contexts. For example, comprehension units use authentic materials that energy industry professionals will come across in everyday life, such as instruction manuals and safety leaflets. There is a substantial speaking and listening focus with communicative tasks to practice and simulate real-life communication, such as describing and giving information about equipment and jobs, giving instructions and warnings and discussing common workplace problems. Written tasks aim to motivate students by developing their knowledge of useful language phrases and chunks for different text types such as accident report forms and written notes and instructions

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