For Dialog and its instructional and administrative team, the term "quality assurance" refers to our policies, ongoing review processes and actions designed to ensure that our language training programs and teacher qualifications meet and maintain our specified standards of highest quality language training. In this respect, quality assurance primarily provides our corporate clients with a guarantee that quality is being achieved (i.e. accountability).

It is our responsibility to ensure that we develop a serious approach towards quality within our organization and that effective quality systems are in place, are understood by teachers and administrators and followed and have an impact on quality. We make certain that a high quality learning experience is always provided.

Foremost to our quality assurance guarantee is our understanding that to ensure the highest quality of language training, Dialog management listens to its students, teachers and the HR and training professionals in charge of our corporate training programs; we do just that and do it on an ongoing basis. Not only do our Instructional and Administrative Coordinators regularly meet with English learners - in group and individual formats - but Dialog's owners do so as well. We understand that in managing corporate language training programs with hundreds of learners, problems will inevitably arise: the key to our quality assurance is to deal with these problems quickly and effectively in order to ensure that the learning process can continue in the appropriate manner.

In summary, at Dialog:

  • Quality testing, evaluation and numerical measurement procedures are in place and discussed with the student and client;
  • Our teaching staff is involved in and fully informed about the importance of the on -going quality process;
  • Dialog provides sufficient time and priority to implementing quality assurance systems;
  • Dialog has the ability to quickly implement necessary changes as requested by students, teachers and HRs and training managers;
  • Teachers have appropriate qualifications, experience and social skills;
  • Teachers have the opportunity to take part in continuing professional development and teacher training;
  • Teachers keep up to date with what is going on in language training education world in general;
  • The necessary resources are provided, e.g. audio and visual equipment and other materials
  • All teachers are approachable and open to suggestions from teachers and learners
  • Our facilities and atmosphere are suitable for language teaching and learning;
  • There are systems in place which ensure that all learners are on the right course to achieve their language learning objectives; and
  • All Dialog teachers feel part of and uphold Dialog's quality assurance and corporate value system.


We believe that the quality assurance procedures in place at Dialog have worked well for our corporate clients and language learners alike. For this reason, we provide the following quality assurance guarantee to Absolut:

Assuming appropriate attendance, motivation and willingness to engage in the training process, if at the end of a course, any learner that does not demonstrate an increase in his or her English proficiency of at least 50% above the student's initial numerical proficiency evaluation will be able to repeat the course at no charge.

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