Interpretation Services:
Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpretation

The Confidence Our Clients Need

Interpretation is a complex task. It requires that the interpreter select the right word for a spoken translation instantly and without fail. Our professional interpreting services help any Russian or international company (or individual) to communicate with one or more non-English or non Russian speakers in a range of situations - from corporate meetings to legal proceedings to corporate seminars, events and exhibits.

Interpreting is crucial to many organizations in today's multicultural society, whether they are for local authorities communicating with tenants, Government bodies or for corporate events. We only use qualified interpreters, to ensure accuracy and professionalism. There is no opportunity to edit; no margin for error. To be effective, the interpreter must:

  • Have extensive experience with interpreting;
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the subject area;
  • Integrate cultural preferences into their choice of words and phrases with only a split second to think about them.

What Interpreting Service Do You Need?

Whether a client requires simultaneous interpretation for large conferences or consecutive interpretation for depositions or meetings, that client must have complete confidence in their interpreter's skills.

Dialog selects from among the most highly qualified interpreters in Russia to meet our clients' needs in any location in the country. We can also provide on-site coordination and interpreting equipment. Whether you request interpretation services weeks in advance or on short notice, our client service professionals are ready to assign the best interpreters to meet your needs.

Consecutive interpreting: Our consecutive interpreters are ideal for situations such as meetings where the interpreter listens to the speaker in the source language (for example, English) and then reproduces the speech in the target language (for example, Russian) of the audience.

Simultaneous interpreting: The simultaneous interpreter usually sits in a soundproof booth, listens to the speaker through earphones and, speaking into a microphone, reproduces the speech in the target language as it is being delivered in the source language.

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