Dialog structures and delivers specialized language programs in eight languages in a group or individual format and through intensive and immersion language programs.

Intensive and Immersion Courses can be extremely effective and are often cited as being the best way to learn the language as long as they are aimed at the right people. Dialog offers intensive immersion courses from a week to two months at any time of the year. These courses provide candidates with the most concentrated form of language training, and as such are ideal for those seconded to a new location, or with an immediate requirement to improve their language skills.

Intensive Programs

Our experienced teachers will inspire, encourage and guide you to communicate with confidence and ensure that your intensive Russian course is enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding.

We offer:

  • Total language Immersion
  • Executive Courses
  • Individual and Tailor-Made Courses.

Weekend Programs

Dialog's "On the Go" weekend language immersion curriculum is designed for busy people who wish to acquire knowledge of a foreign language for professional or personal reasons, especially to increase their enjoyment of travel. In just one weekend, beginners master many common situations, such as ordering in restaurants, asking directions, handling currency, and shopping. At more advanced levels, you can hone and refresh your conversation skills.

Levels of Instruction

On the Go, level 1 is designed for beginners.
On the Go, level 2 assumes elementary knowledge.
On the Go, level 3 assumes intermediate knowledge.
On the Go, level 4 assumes advanced knowledge.


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