Foreign Languages and International Business

As the twentieth-century draws to a close, more and more Russian professionals are beginning to understand that a new, highly interdependent global marketplace of producers and consumers has emerged. Leaders in many professions now realize that fluency in a foreign language and multicultural sensitivity are essential in their fields if Russia is to participate effectively in this global community and if we expect to maintain our standard of living in the context of increasing global competition and cooperation.

Compared to other countries, such as Japan and the Western European nations, Russia is ill-equipped in certain basic respects to take an effective role in the international community. We lack citizens in many professional fields who can communicate in foreign languages and understand other cultures and value systems.

Consequently, most Russian professionals, whether in business, government, medicine, law, or other fields lack the basic skills needed to cultivate working relationships with colleagues in foreign countries and do not have easy access to new ideas and developments from abroad.

For these reasons, Dialog trains professionals who can communicate effectively with foreigners and who are sensitive to cultural differences. Knowledge of foreign languages and familiarity with foreign cultures are a key to securing our national well-being in the twenty-first century.

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