Language Training at Times that Suit Your Company and Employees

We realize that if your work schedule often changes you may not be able to plan your training program very much in advance.

That is why we offer flexible language development programs. These part-time courses are designed to fit around you and your changing work commitments. They allow you to learn a foreign language in the time that you have available. You simply choose when you want your employees to study.

From short intensive courses (e.g. every day for one week) to one-year courses on a weekly basis, our flexible training programs can be delivered in a variety of ways. . For example, you may decide that some of your employees should take a module of ten 3-hour sessions (on various days of your choice) over a three month period or twenty 2-hour session over a 2 month period. It is entirely up to you.

Program flexibility also means you can use time between lessons to try out the language at work - so that you can see what areas you need to improve or develop. You may also want to use the opportunity to fit in work trips to your chosen country for extra practice.

If you find that your students have more time available in the future, you can also choose to combine the program with our more intensive foreign language courses.

Training can be arranged at any time of day:

  • early morning,
  • daytime (including lunchtime)
  • after work
  • at the weekend.

Training can take place on your premises or at our School or your employee's residence.

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