ELC specializes in offering a range of tailor-made language programs to fit corporate clients' language training objectives. Our primary concern in structuring these programs is the needs of the company--our client-- and we ensure the success and relevance of our targeted language training to real-life work situations.

Our Approach

Whether you need a one-day on site training session for your front-office staff or you need consulting and training for a major organizational development project, ELC can help.

We follow a proven and effective four step model to create successful tailor- made corporate language training programs.


Our methodology enables your employees to learn their new language within a specific work context quickly and effectively; we give your employees the tools they need to speak and write and understand English or another modern foreign languages.


Helping you to understand your needs.

Fundamental to the success of any corporate training program is the ability to understand clearly the client company's objectives and training needs of the program's participants. Working closely with the client's HR department, ELC conducts a comprehensive needs analysis which identifies and quantifies the training required to meet the client company's specific objectives.


Creating a custom-made language training program.

We provide comprehensive training, speaking, coaching, and communications consulting services for Russian and international companies.

A customized program is developed to meet the corporate client's objectives and the learning needs of

-the program participants, as identified in the needs analysis. design to be delivered through a variety of media
-Create flexible training program enabling participants to integrate language training with work commitments
-Identify appropriate student assessment criteria
-Utilize a "blended" learning methodology for teaching

Less expense and effort due to the integration of language learning into daily work processes.

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