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At Dialog, we also offer a course in Commercial Awareness.
Taught by Real UK and US Lawyers With Real Experience.

What is Commercial Awareness?

"Commercial awareness is more than simply knowing what the law is. It involves an understanding of what is important and relevant to the client and how the law works in reality. A law student often sees things in black and white. An experienced lawyer knows there are many other colors in between".

At Dialog we know that it is no longer enough simply to know the law and to be able to explain to clients what they can and cannot do. A good lawyer should operate as a trusted adviser, not a policeman. Your clients will require knowledge and advice that will enable them to get the best possible result for their business within the existing commercial and legal framework. This means that as their lawyer you must have:

  • English language skills that give you the ability to advice on real-life scenarios, not academic theory
  • A good general knowledge of a client's business and an understanding of the wider environment in which your client's business operates.
  • An ability to look at situations from a commercial as well as a legal point of view.

This means an understanding of what makes a particular business successful and appreciating the factors that influence that success. A law student is quick to apply the obvious solution to a problem; a commercially aware lawyer has realistic alternatives.

What Practical Skills do Law Firms and CEOs Value?

  • Attention to detail;
  • Absolute accuracy;
  • Strong client care skills;
  • Strong interpersonal skills;
  • Comprehensive commercial legal vocabulary;
  • Strong negotiating skills;
  • Understanding contracts;
  • Contract drafting; and
  • Formal writing skills.

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