Program Description

Comprehension is the most important foundation stone of successful business. Competence and professionalism are communicated through speech, and for this reason, "Business English" is becoming ever more important in the international business world.

Dialog's Business English programs are designed to develop students' language skills within a business context. They develop a wide range of Business English skills covering areas as diverse as formal Report-Writing topics, presentation skills and sales & negotiation skills. The program is designed to develop strong communication skills and uses role-plays and case -examples to illustrate English language learning points and allow participants to practice skills learned.

The Business English program covers a wide range of functional areas including General Business and through our English for Specific Purposes courses specializations such as English for Bankers, Marketing, Logistics, Lawyers and many other specializations.

Course Books & Materials

All program syllabuses have been carefully designed to ensure students make maximum progress. A range of course books are used along with customized supplementary materials, e-learning platforms and mobile apps. These have been carefully-selected to ensure that students benefit from a range of quality study material.

Course Levels

Minimum Entry Level for Business English Pre-Intermediate

Workshops in Business English

Goal-Oriented Language Courses

The goal of these workshops is to develop exactly those language skills you will need in your day-to-day business life.

You can benefit from a wide range of seminar subjects:

  • Presentations in English
  • Telephoning in English
  • English for Meetings
  • E-Mails & Business Writing
  • English for Customer Service
  • Business Small Talk
  • Negotiations

When you choose for a Business English Workshop you profit from a wide range of themes for the most important branches, departments and areas of business.

Highlights of Dialog Business English Programs

  1. Teaching in business English throughout, stress differences between "business" and "everyday" English in terms of applications and communication.
  2. Introduce case studies, emphasize the ability to think independently and communicate properly.
  3. With regard to the teaching process design, we employ role playing to train on communication skills in simulated business scenarios, and also teach students to work as a team.
  4. Assist students in understanding problems about cross-cultural communication in multinational corporations and overcoming language and non-language barriers to communication.
  5. Develop short-term or long-term training courses in line with specific training objectives of businesses, and conduct long-term, ongoing assessments.

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