Dialog offers a range of mobile and online learning resources that enable our students to communicate in English in an interactive learning environment. While studying at Dialog, all students have free access to our online learning platforms and our BE CONNECTED SMS-based mobile learning programs.

Dialog's Mobile Assisted Language Learning ("MALL") is an innovative approach to language learning whereby classroom instruction is enhanced through the use of handheld mobile devices, including smartphones. MALL is a subset of both Mobile Learning (m-learning) and Computer-assisted language learning ("CALL"). MALL has evolved to support students' language learning with the increased use of mobile technologies such as mobile phones (cellphones), MP3 and MP4 players, PDAs and devices such as the iPhone or iPad. With MALL, Dialog students are able to access language learning materials and to communicate with their teachers and peers at anytime, anywhere.

Dialog's MALL Program includes:

  • Self-paced eLearning;
  • Collaboration-based Learning (live online tutoring);
  • Digital Reference-ware (eTextbooks);
  • Mobile Learning apps and edugames; and
  • Mobile Learning VAS.
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