Dialog/Executive Language Center ("Dialog") is a leading provider of high quality, innovative and cost effective corporate language instruction, business communication skills training and a range of business solutions, including translation and interpretation services. We have offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg and provide our services throughout the Russian Federation to over one hundred international and Russian companies.

  Our sister company, Fluent Russia, offers reasonably priced group language classes for individuals - primarily, on weeknights after work and on the weekends in casual and lively learning environments throughout Russia. (www.fluentrussia.com)

  Dialog's language and business skills training helps bridge the gap between language instruction and business reality. We accomplish our objective by providing our students a wide choice of classroom and guided online instruction in combination with free "out of the classroom" language learning programs and activities - and we do so at a cost-effective price. At all times, our goal is to enable our students to communicate with greater effectiveness and confidence in their target language.

  We are one of Russia's leading corporate language training centers and offer English, Russian and other language services, communications skills training and translation services to over sixty-five leading Russian and international companies, foreign embassies and governmental organizations. We provide English language training to the Russian business units of some of the world's largest companies in their respective industries: banking, consumer electronics, telecommunications, law, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, manufacturer of network equipment, coffee house chain and oil field services. We are also the exclusive provider of English and other language training to many of Russia's largest industrial, energy and media conglomerates.

  We recognize that our growth did not occur in a vacuum and are uniquely cognizant and appreciative of our clients' loyalty; significantly, we have never lost a corporate client to a competitor. British Telecommunications ("BT") was our first client in 2005 and they are still working with us--more than eight years later. As our growth has been accomplished, exclusively, through client/HR recommendations and successful competitive tenders, we are able to divert "marketing dollars" into higher teachers' salaries and innovative online and "out of the classroom" learning programs that directly benefit our clients and students. (e.g., free conversation and writing programs and 24/7 email and telephone English and Russian language help lines)

  Dialog has grown into one of Russia's leading providers of corporate language training; perhaps not the biggest as yet, but we think the best. That is, the best in providing innovative, customized and highly cost-effective corporate language training to Russian and international companies throughout the Russian Federation.

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