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We hire only the best and most experienced English, Russian and other modern language teachers--both Russian and native-English speaking - for our classroom and online instruction. Our English teachers are selected by our American owner after extensive interviews and writing tests that evaluate English language proficiency, teaching ability and experience and, most importantly, attitude. Dialog's Russian-educated English teachers all have university degrees in teaching English as a foreign language and a minimum of five years teaching experience. All Dialog native-speaking English instructors have CELTA certificates and extensive teaching qualifications; our certified native-speaking English, Canadian, Irish and American instructors are teaching professionals and not just expats living in Moscow without any real teaching experience or aptitude. We also pay our teachers approximately more than our competition and provide a unique range of teacher training programs--in Moscow, London and New York. Our English instructors do not leave Dialog for "better" teaching jobs in Moscow; they stay with us for an average of four years providing significant and important continuity for clients and students alike.

We have three Directors of English Instruction who supervise, on a daily basis, our over 200 language instructors. One of our Directors of English Instruction has been working in Moscow as an English teacher/teacher trainer for over sixteen years. Our English Methodologist is a University of Chicago graduate and Fulbright Teaching Scholar working with English learners and training Russian English teachers in Smolensk for more than two years. Our two Russian English Instruction Coordinators each have over seven years' experience teaching English to Russian learners.

In addition, our resident American co-owner is directly involved in all Dialog English learning activities and is in charge of all Dialog English programs including "English for Special Purpose" Programs. His full time involvement ensures that the English taught by all Dialog instructors is "Real English"--the English language actually used by American and British banking professionals--free of erroneous speech patterns, out of favor idioms and inappropriate and offensive vocabulary. All Dialog English teachers are required to attend Dialog training programs to ensure that "Real English" is successfully taught and that English learners learn how native English speaking professionals actually speak and write English

You will earn how to "fit in" seamlessly with the rhythm and style of English or Russian (or other another language), expressing yourself with ease, effectiveness and confidence.

Our faculty has a clear understanding of what our students want and how to cover those needs in full. Our teachers are all university graduates and are qualified to teach Russian and our other languages as foreign languages. They bring a wide range of both academic and life experience. The emphasis throughout all our courses is to provide quality tuition in a personal, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Through regular teacher meetings, our Directors of Instruction monitors students' progress and make any needed changes to appropriate levels to ensure that all of our teachers:

  • Respect their students as learners and as individuals;
  • Are interested in their students and care about their progress; and;
  • Encourage their students to participate in class and continue their studies outside class.
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