How We Teach Languages

At the core of Dialog's success is our language training methodology and approach which emphasize a single and overriding concept: at Dialog we don't just teach the language "game manual" (for example, English grammar rules, vocabulary lists and other English language dos and don'ts) We don't just teach the "rules of the game" of speaking English without providing meaningful opportunities to actually "play the game" - that is speaking and writing English. Our blended learning approach does just that: Dialog's combination of classroom instruction, free online English and Russian learning platforms, numerous "outside the classroom" learning activities all work to ensure that Dialog students do not just learn the rules of English but actually "play" the game; our students have ample opportunity to practice and use English in a wide array of Dialog-sponsored activities and, thereby, speak, understand and write in English/Russian more effectively and with greater confidence. We provide the same blended program for our international students learning Russian.

We don't just throw you into an existing class and hope for the best. Rather, we deliver personalized, practical and relevant language training that truly meets your objectives by integrating highly effective classroom sessions, innovative e-learning and value-added "outside of the classroom" opportunities.

We understand that there is more than one way of advancing a student's foreign language skills and we make a range of effective training options available - either singularly or through our "Perfect Blend" of language training. We call the combination of our classroom and/ online language learning platforms - in conjunction with our valued-added "outside the classroom" Conversation and Writing Clubs - the "Perfect Blend" as we believe it is the modern way to learn languages: quickly for the student and cost effectively for the corporate client. Dialog language teachers in these blended learning environments are, in fact, gifted "facilitators" of language training utilizing a multiplicity of learning methods and we strive to ensure that the professional developmental needs of our teachers are met through unique and on going teacher training programs in Moscow, London and New York.

We pride ourselves on offering customized packages of classroom and Skype language instruction - each in conjunction with this broad array of free value-added services and learning activities including the provision to our clients of free and proprietary "Real English Zone" website platforms. These websites, while an important adjunct to classroom instruction, serve another important purpose: We recognize that our corporate clients cannot subsidize English (or Russian) language training for all company personnel who may want to learn and/or improve their language skills. Our Real English and Real Russian website platforms allow all personnel - whether or not enrolled in classroom instruction - to log on and practice their English or Russian language skills and raise their respective proficiency levels. While the websites are not intended to be a substitute for classroom instruction, they do enable students to practice previously-acquired language skills and, thereby, increase English and Russian proficiency

In recent years, we have also developed a unique specialization in providing large multinational companies with offices and personnel throughout Russia-cost effective classroom and Skype language training. We consolidate our clients' language training programs and offer single, coordinated administrative and academic points of contact and user friendly online management tools. We offer each client one (or more) dedicated administrative and academic coordinators and make the corporate language training process manageable for the client. We give our clients the immediate online tools to determine in real time whether their language training dollars are being well spent.

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