Our Experience

Dialog/ELC is an eight-year old Russian-American owned and managed educational company with offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg. We provide classroom and online language training, translation services, international English examination preparation and communication skills training to over sixty-five leading Russian and international companies, foreign embassies and governmental organizations We have 200 teachers--both Russian trained and native-speaking teaching professionals--and work with over 5,000 students.

Significantly, we now provide English (and other) language training to the Russian business units of eleven of the world's largest companies in their respective industry sectors:

  • Energy;
  • Consumer Electronics;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Banking;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Soft drinks/Beverages;
  • Legal Services;
  • Manufacturer of Networking Equipment;
  • Manufacturer of Sporting Goods and Apparel;
  • Coffee Houses; and
  • Oilfield Services.

We are also the exclusive provider of English and other language training to many leading Russian financial, industrial, media and energy companies.

Although Business and General English and Russian as a Foreign Language training courses constitute eighty per cent of our total language training business, English and Russian are not, of course, the only languages needed by companies doing business in Russia (and elsewhere) and we also provide customized language training in German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, French, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese.

We provide both classroom and guided-e-learning online training throughout the Russian Federation; Significantly, we have over five years' experience in delivering multi-faceted classroom and online training programs to our corporate clients' employees located in different office locations throughout the country. For our international corporate clients, we have successfully consolidated English language training throughout Russia and instituted cost effective and successful nationwide programs with appropriate student evaluations, testing, monitoring and assessments.

Our Accreditation

In addition to our licensing from the Moscow Department of Education, Dialog obtained, earlier this year, a special certification from the licensing authorities to provide English language training for professional personnel as a distinct professional education course for adults. This important certification will enable us to issue Certificates of Proficiency in General and Business English and also in Specialized English for Special Purpose Programs (including Legal and Financial English) to all students who successfully complete their respective English language programs.

We believe that this certification capability is one of the features that makes us unique in the Moscow corporate language training market.

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