Dialog offers effective Russian language instruction that develops highly practical skills-- skills that you can use immediately in Moscow--whatever your current level of Russian proficiency and learning objectives. All Russian classes are taught by highly-trained and experienced, native-speaking Russian linguistic professionals and can be arranged at your office or home for any day of the week (including weekends) in the morning, afternoon or evening. While our clients include executives from many of the largest international companies working in Russia, hundreds of private students have also benefited from our Russian courses.

Western energy professionals have taken several different forms of dialog Russian language training, based upon their varying needs: on an individual or small group basis, the training relates to specific projects and interest. Whatever your role in Russia, the ability to communicate with your clients and colleagues in Russian is critical to developing and maintaining a successful working.

At Dialog/ELC, we understand that people need to use the Russian they are studying, not just study it. Students taking a Russian course with us are provided with a broad and practical language experience, using material and activities which reflect the students' interests and professional needs and engaging in activities such as role-plays and simulations which mirror their real-life experiences.

Specialist Language Training

With specific language skills becoming ever more important in Moscow, Dialog has developed a range of specialist Russian language training courses. Our students profit from our years of experience with corporate clients, receiving Russian language training that is geared to their specific sector of activity or even a solution specific to their individual company.

Whether you need a Business Russian course for your marketing department, a Russian Survival course or an intensive Russian program for energy or finance professionals, Dialog can help.

We also offer special Russian skills courses focusing on the specific professional or communication skills our clients need. These include Russian courses specializing in Effective Meeting Skills, Successful Negotiation Skills and Pronunciation Skills for Advanced Learners. We also specialize in providing intensive Russian courses at all levels, including specialized courses for professionals in various business sectors, including energy and finance. We are proud of our unique experience of teaching Russian to international executives, diplomats, journalists and personnel of international organizations.

Our Russian courses are available on an individual basis and in small groups of not more than four students. All participants have the same language needs, study at the same time at the same place and are at the same Russian proficiency level. We also offer tailor-made programs for school, college or university groups, eager to come to Moscow for a Russian immersion program.

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