Keep It Real

Learn authentic language and culture that you can use in real conversations at work and everywhere else.

Our sole focus is professional language training. We deliver fresh and powerful lessons that rapidly improve the international professionalism and productivity within your company.


Realistic language practice and utilization is key at Dialog. That's why it stands as the foundation to all of our courses.

  • Quick turnaround from theory to conversation or written practice.We stay away from dry grammar explanations and keep it real with role plays of correct grammar usage.
  • Stimulating and humorous learning environment. Our trainers are experienced and eager to pass on the wonders of the English language culture. Enthusiasm and motivation becomes infectious.
  • Self confidence.Your staff leave empowered and refreshed to continue their duties in a professional and effective manner.
  • Out of the Classroom Activities

At Dialog, we give you ample opportunities not just to practice but to actually use your newly acquired language skills with both colleagues and native speakers in friendly and non- stressful environments.

You will be able to engage confidently with the "real" language as it is really spoken.

And we provide these opportunities for free for all Dialog students.

    So, let's talk at:

  • Dialog Starbucks Conversation Clubs all over Moscow;
  • Dialog Conversation and Writing Clubs at your Company;
  • Dialog Movie Nights at the Standard Bar and Grill;
  • Dialog Wine and Cheese evenings;
  • Dialog Language Help Lines;
  • Dialog-sponsored Industry Networking Events; and
  • Dialog Language Weekends.
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