Course Description

Dialog General English classes concentrate on improving every aspect of your English. Our approach is to provide a stimulating and highly- interactive environment in which you can develop your communicative skills. We firmly believe in developing each student's language competence so that you are able to develop as quickly and effectively as possible.

In any typical week, you will work on developing and improving all language skill areas with a focus on active communication skills in real-life situations.

In your General English class, you will work on:

  • Speaking skills;
  • Listening Skills;
  • Reading Skills;
  • Writing Skills;
  • Pronunciation; and
  • Grammar & Vocabulary.

In this course you are given daily homework. Students are tested on a monthly basis to check your progress and regular tutorials are provided to discuss your progress and individual needs.

Course Books & Materials

All program syllabuses have been carefully-designed to ensure students make maximum progress. A range of course books are used over the program. These have been carefully-selected to ensure that students benefit from a range of quality study material. Articles and special activity material is also used.


The levels of the classes range from complete beginner (A1) to proficiency (C2) and you will have a placement test on your first day to find the right level for you.

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