"E-Learning is being pulled offline into "traditional" classroom settings. Studies have shown that the rhythm of classes, peer group support and interaction are the greatest benefits of in-person training in addition, of course, to the quality of teaching personnel. Online programs supported by in- person sessions lead to a 100 per cent completion rate, compared 8-15 per cent for online only."

"We won't see the removal of our traditional education centers nor will everyone be sitting at home busily self-learning. What will instead be really exciting is the emergence of mixed-model classes, where learners can congregate simultaneously, in person, while accessing the world's best educators and materials online. "

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Why Guided E-learning?

Dialog offers online English language training in conjunction with Skype and/or classroom instruction. Dialog's Guided e-learning provides online learning solutions to many of the top companies in the world. You can study with our expert tutors to help develop your English language skills on your students' own schedule, from their office or own home.

Dialog's Guided E-learning is cost-effective and convenient, offers self-paced instruction, delivers content in bite-size modules and provides varying levels of interactivity to match your learning style. Guided E-Learning protects your training investment by providing a structured set of online lessons before, during and after they attend classroom and/or Skype instruction. We provide skills-based, interactive, online learning interactions that cater for all learning preferences and encourage student autonomy. The Dialog Guided e-Learning platform helps students maximize the efficiency of their course.

Dialog's e-learning is ideal for those who want to speed up their learning process and for those who find it difficult to attend regular classes; this is a proven and personalized way to access language learning. All of our Guided E-learning teachers have been trained to be able to offer the student the best possible learning experience. The progress of each student is closely monitored by their tutor and monthly reports are sent to the student and the training manager.

In our experience, in order to successfully learn and effectively use any language human interaction is required in the learning process; that is, a 100% online and totally self-directed learning platform-- without any instructor involvement-- is simply ineffective. Simply put, "software only" learning solutions do not work and quickly lead to student disinterest. For this reason, Dialog does not offer online English language training without Skype instruction and supervision.

Face-to-face Skype lessons provide English language learners with the opportunity for real communication with trainers and a solid foundation in the language, while e-learning sessions allow them to progress at their own pace. Dialog's Guided E-learning is a flexible blend that allows our clients to balance the amount of face-to-face Skype or classroom sessions and on-line training depending on their needs and workload.

Dialog's Guided E-Learning:

-Directs students to material that is the most useful and relevant to them;
-Gives clear objective and outcomes;
-Shows students what to do next;
-Clearly defines 'what's in it for me' - the benefits their learning is likely to bring; and
-Helps them prepare for, practice, revise and maintain their language skills.

Your Personalized Study Plan

Your Personalized Online Study Plan is a course adapted to your needs. Your tutor assesses your level and sets your plan. If you struggle, your course will get easier. If it is too easy, it will get harder. In addition, if you need extra help in a particular area, you will get it.

You will have a call with your tutor to get started, a mid-course call to discuss your progress, and a final review at the end of your course.

The result - if you follow through with your course, your English WILL improve

Your Personal Tutor

Success in learning English is often down to support and good advice. That's why all of our students get a personal tutor.

Your tutor is there to help you if you have questions, let you know if you are doing well-or get you back on track if you fall behind. Your tutor's job is to make sure that you get the most from your course.

You have unlimited access to your tutor through your notebook. Simply write your note and send it. Your tutor will get back to you as soon as possible.

Features and Benefits

Dialog Guided E-Learning can make significant contributions to teaching English as a Foreign Language in your company.


  • Flash Point - online lessons built around topical news items

  • Personal Study Plan - interactive online learning that adapts to the pace and capability of each student

  • Full customization - tailor-made online learning package

  • Full Project Management - expert project management for the implementation, training and launch

  • Ongoing Full Support - help is offered even after the system launch free of charge

  • Structured, guided learning - students work at their own pace but follow a clear path through learning materials

For HRs

A Guided Online English E-Learning platform is an ideal way to provide a comprehensive, long-term service to your employees - and it makes sound business sense.

One of the biggest concerns that students have is how they maintain their English, or get extra help, when they need it. You've made a big investment in language training and want assurance that their language skills can be sustained.

It's important to understand that students aren't going to go and study in front of PCs - with Dialog Guided E-Learning they are coming to study under expert language teachers. Fundamentally, your online learning system has to support this-not compete with it or detract from it.

Dialog's Guided E-Learning understands this, which is why students get access from the moment they register and maintain access as long as you are providing the system. It's not our role to tell students when to get extra support, only to make sure that it's useful and available when required.


Make it clear to your students how much they have learned with Dialog Guided e-Learning reporting.

With our online reporting facility, you can give employees detailed information on their individual progress, giving them a great sense of achievement. By integrating the Guided E-Learning reporting system producing reports is quick and easy and the results can be shared with agents. The reporting process is fully tracked, so you can ensure that they are being done correctly and on-time, giving your students the best possible feedback on their time with you.

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