If you're looking for a relaxed place to practice your English then Dialog's Starbucks English Conversation Club is the place for you. There is no application or registration required and no charge to attend; the only "condition" is that participants come ready to talk and have fun Our Starbucks English Conversation Clubs are a great place to learn commonly English used idioms, practice your conversation skills and learn American vocabulary.

In our English language studies most of us have learnt the grammar rules, vocabulary and even pronunciation, but very often, we don't have the chance to practice speaking and listening in real life situations. The idea of the Dialog Starbucks Conversation Club is to give students this opportunity, by discussing interesting and current topics in small, informal groups

Topics include American and British culture, social systems, and issues related to daily life. There are also sometimes videos and guest speakers to add to the variety.

The "Teacher": Despite an English teaching qualification and lots of classroom and private teaching experience, your teacher in the Conversation Club is not a teacher but rather a facilitator or guide, with occasional corrections, vocabulary where necessary, (with spelling if desired), and answers to any questions (relating to the English language ,)

When and Where: All over Moscow. Just click here for more information. There is no charge to attend.

Address: Moscow
Polkovaya 3, building 3
Tel: +7 (495) 969-87-46

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