Personalized Programs and Objectives

  At Dialog, we believe that every client has different abilities and communication priorities, so we design and implement personalized training programs, schedules and objectives, developing tailored training materials in partnership with our clients. Our courses cover all levels and various business sectors, from basic office survival to soft skills training and cultural awareness. Using our blended language formats you have all of the advantages of classroom-based training integrated with the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of e-learning, combining group learning and discussion, self-study, interactive learning and individual tutoring with qualified professional English teachers.

And, as part of all of our blended learning programs, Dialog offers, free of charge,
an online learning platform to all students as well as our free of charge "out of the classroom" learning programs and activities.

  At Dialog, for each group class or individual learner, we develop a tailor-made language course. We structure a program that suits your wishes and through which you learn what you need to reach your aims. The lessons take place at a time that suits you and the speed of the lessons will be adapted to your needs and possibilities.

  We understand that a language learner has to be motivated. That's why at Dialog you will learn English and other languages from authentic, interesting content. We have a vast library of real life articles, stories, interviews, radio shows, novels and other learning materials from which you can choose whatever interests you. If you are interested in what you're reading, you will be motivated to understand it. If you are motivated to understand it, you will learn.

  Tailor-made courses are especially suitable for companies, government agencies and educational institutions. These tailor-made courses focus on the following skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing and presenting.

  See for example, our English for Specific Purposes courses.

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