Good writing skills can enhance your image and increase your confidence at the workplace. Dialog's Business Writing courses will help you to communicate more clearly and concisely in written English. An integrated approach to grammar will help develop your understanding of sentence structure. You will also enhance your skills by becoming familiar with the tense system and improving how you select appropriate vocabulary. This course provides clear, concise instruction on every form of business writing, from traditional business letters, reports, and memos to e-mail and other electronic communications. The course emphasizes the proposition that effective business English begins with mastering grammar and sentence structure, and presents a brush-up review of grammar and correct English usage.

Our courses cover the layout, convention and style of writing business letters and emails. It also focuses on the fundamental skills needed for planning, structuring, writing and checking reports.

The Business Writing Center offers online, full-length business writing courses with lessons, practice activities, and writing sample competency examinations. An instructor works closely with each trainee, monitoring progress in readings, evaluating and commenting on practice activities, writing extensive notes on writing sample tests, and coaching trainees through learning skills.

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