Dialog offers three Advanced Business English courses:


This advanced Dialog program helps professionals achieve operational command of English in the workplace. It develops competency in concise writing, effective meeting and potent negotiation with particular emphases on the skills required in report writing, presentation and communication in an international business context. In a typical business environment, the student can:

  • Listen to, pick out and record relevant information from an authentic context;
  • Read and manipulate a variety of written forms of business communication including letter, note, email, newspaper article;
  • Deal with a longer business-related text; provide an accurate summary of key points; and
  • Respond appropriately in a typical business conversation or exchange.

Course Description

To be awarded Dialog's Advanced Diploma in Business English, students have to complete six course modules

Module 1: Modern Business Writing Skills

Module 2: Modern Business Oral Skills

Module 3: Professional Written Communication Skills

Module 4: Report Writing and Presentation Skills

Module 5: International Business Communication Skills

Module 6: Professional Business English Through Case Studies

Advanced Speaking and Listening

Course Description

This 30-hour course gives learners more opportunities to enhance their speaking and listening skills. The course aims to:

  • • consolidate learner's knowledge of grammar and vocabulary;
  • • widen their understanding of idiomatic and colloquial English; and
  • • develop their speaking and listening skills to help them deal with naturally spoken English.

English Enrichment through the Media

Course Description

This higher-level General English course incorporates a range of authentic texts, including film, television programs, contemporary songs, advertisements, comic strips and news and magazine articles to help develop both language and media studies skills. The course will use a variety of ESL learning resources and methods to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing proficiencies, together with encouraging learners to cast a more analytical and critical eye on the media and entertainment world around us. An enjoyable, thought-provoking introduction to key aspects of film, television, popular music and print media in the English-speaking world.

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